I Need More Gospel Organ Drawbar Settings Please!!!

We can’t count how many times we get E-mails about showing drawbar settings. Think of drawbar settings like patches on your keyboard. You want to be able to change the sound, tone, texture, and/or color of the tone that you are playing. Drawbar settings are just as important as the chords you are playing and it takes time and an artwork to finding the right drawbar setting that fits you. Your ear has to be developed to hear the sound you need for that particular moment. For example, the same drawbar setting on one organ, will not have the same sound on a different organ. you have to understand that an organ is custom made, therefore it has its very own personality and style. Some organs are deeper in the low range or some can be louder in the mid-range. The key is to begin to develop your ear such that you can adjust your drawbar settings per the instrument, not just to use standard drawbar settings for every organ.

Virtual Gospel Organ Drawbar Lessons

With our new physical modeled organ and our new LMS for the organ technology, we can now bring you virtual drawbar settings. The tone of the virtual organ is outstanding, notwithstanding, we can change every nuance and subtlety of the organ sound to mimic different kinds of organs. When we pull out the drawbars the sound changes. With it being virtual, you can see everything so clearly and it makes for an awesome learning experience as we spend a lot of time on specific drawbar settings.

Real Hammond B3 Drawbar Settings

Technology is amazing and awesome, but nothing will beat a live organ. You can hear the switches and gears move on a real organ; as a result we addressed drawbar settings from a live organ perspective as well. For example, there are some times when you hit the reset key by accident and you can’t figure out why suddenly there is no sound, because that key is very finicky. Sometimes you don’t push the drawbar key down, but it pops back up, because you did not push it down hard enough, or it’s half down and pops up on it’s own. There are some times when you accidentally push two down at the same time. It may sound very trivial, but there is a science, art, and technique to everything. Don’t worry, we address all of this and show you all of the secret techniques to drawbar settings.

Drawbar Settings Documentation

We still did not stop, when it came to drawbar settings. We have a drawbar settings booklet with even more drawbar settings. With so many drawbar settings we know you will be completely amazed at how many combinations you can make. We wanted to make sure that all of your drawbar setting cravings were satisfied so we provided even extra information ad a Drawbar Setting Booklet.