Ok, so you have this awesome organ sitting at your church. You know a little bit about it, but you have not clue on where to start. So you keep sitting on the keyboards and doing what you can, but you know it’s really time to take your organ skills to the next level.

Beginner’s Organ Xtravaganza is the DVD for you! We take a beginner from knowing absolutely nothing about the organ and we guide you step-by-step into the intricate aspects of the organ from beginning to end.


As afore mentioned, the organ is not just two stacked keyboards with foot pedals. There is a certain technique and gospel feel to an organ that requires very specific techniques in order to play and sound good. You will have to begin to totally adjust the way you approach and think about playing when it comes to the Hammond organ. This DVD teaches you several techniques to get you going fast. I will teach you techniques such as the finger crawl, heal-toe, no-lift pad concept, I - V bass, and much more.

What’s an Organ?

Many young musician’s think that an organ is just like a keyboard. You can’t just jump on the organ and think that everything will work. This is why we take the time to teach you all of the parts of an organ, what are the different models, how an organ was created, what it takes to maintain the organ, and even the inner mechanical workings of an organ. This information was presented by a world renowned organ restoration company who are experts in their field. You have to know your craft and before even dropping any phat chords, you have to learn your instrument and all of the mechanics to it that make it work.


Ok Jamal, What are all of those switches and sliders for? That’s the first thing I asked myself when first getting on an organ. It can be very intimidating to see all of those special knobs and buttons and we make sure we go over every aspect of the organ what the knobs are used for. As with every DVD, we focus on the most important aspects to get you up and playing fast. We spend time going through drawbar settings, tremolo, percussion, leslie switch, volume peals, and every single knob you see on the organ. These special organ tools are very essential to not only playing the organ, but creating a professional sound fast. W

MIDI Lessons - LMS for Gospel Organ

Finally, we took the time to give you very important lessons, but in a very special way! The first time ever offered on any organ DVD is the virtual MIDI Lessons via Organ. Now you get a chance to actually see the top and bottom keys lit up with chord names and drawbar settings. You get to see everything you need to get all of your organ chops up to par with virtual MIDI. Even the foot pedals are lit up with the note names as well. When we changed the drawbar settings, the sound changes and you will be amazed at the sound quality of the organ simulation. The whole purpose is to make sure you do not miss any of the chords or runs that we do. Even the chord names reflect the top, bottom and foot pedal to give you a complete understanding of what the chord is.

Total Organ Package

As you are well aware by now, Gospel Musicians believes in giving you a total package of everything that we do. We put so much thought, time, and effort into our videos, because we really want you to learn. We start off with giving you an overview of what even an organ is and it’s origin. Then we begin to explain all of the switches and knobs for a total overview of the organ. Finally we take the time to give you virtual organ lessons with the highest level of technology so that you won’t miss one lick, trick, or chord.


As an added bonus, we have included all of the MIDI files for the top, bottom, and pedals on one MIDI file and three separate MIDI files, just in case you want to play them at the same time. We have also included the score/sheet music for each section, as well as extra bonus documentation.