Disc 1, Part 1 :: Organ Mechanics

Many musicians do not realize this, but part of learning your craft is not just learning chords and practicing scales. Part of perfecting your overall craft and ministry is learning about your instrument. We take you all the way from


Disc 1, Part 2 :: Organ Essentials for Beginners

This section is where I actually go into the studio and use a real live Hammond B3 organ. The only way to learn on the organ is to use a real organ. I take my time showing you the ins and outs of an organ, from turning it on, all the way to working the switches. I teach you such techniques as: when to use the leslie; when to use the tremolo; heel-toe techniques, and even how to transition from the keyboard to the organ.

Disc 2, Part 1 :: Virtual Instructional MIDI Lessons

This is where I go into my studio and just shed with you on my new virtual organ. Every single aspect of a real organ can be controlled in the studio and is displayed on the virtual MIDI organ that we created ourselves with our engineers and programmers. No more fingers in the way. The notes are lit bright, chord names are displayed, foot pedals are lit and displayed and most of all the drawbar settings change the tone just like a real organ in real-time.

Disc 2 Part 2 :: Drawbar Settings (Movie Files on Disc)

We can’t count how many times people ask us about drawbar settings. You will be able to load disc 2 into your computer and view the QuickTime files as movies. We show our virtual organ with drawbar settings, so not only can you see the settings, but hear what it sounds like. The drawbars are changed in real-time and you can actually hear the change. It emulates a real organ 100%. In addition, we also provided a PDF sheet of over 15 more drawbar setting as well.

Drawbar Settings


  1. 1.Introduction Shed

  2. 2.My Favorite Settings

  3. 3.Talk Music

  4. 4.Full Gospel

  5. 5.Church Choir

  6. 6.Fat Sound

  7. 7.Xtreme Settings

  8. 8.Neo-Soul Setting 1

  9. 9.Neo-Soul Setting 2

Organ Essentials


  1. 1.Introduction

  2. 2.Overview of Organ

  3. 3.Drawbars Overview

  4. 4.Personal Drawbar

  5. 5.Effects and Leslie

  6. 6.Foot Pedal Techniques

  7. 7.Transitioning from keyboard to organ

  8. 8.Left-Hand Techniques

  9. 9.Volume Pedal Techniques

  10. 10.Grace Notes

  11. 11.Conclusion

Organ Mechanics

(45 Min.)

  1. 1.Introduction to Organ

  2. 2.Types of Organs

  3. 3.Types and Function of Leslie

  4. 4.How to Properly Power an Organ

  5. 5.Presets

  6. 6.Internal Components

  7. 7.Organ Maintenance

  8. 8.Foot Pedal Maintenance

Virtual MIDI Organ Lessons

(3:15 Hours)

  1. 1.Introduction

  2. 2.I Chord

  3. 3.Classic Walk

  4. 4.Classic Walk 2

  5. 5.Phat Tritone Circle

  6. 6.Circle of 5ths (Organ Style)

  7. 7.Ab Runs

  8. 8.Preacher Chords

  9. 9.Preacher Runs

  10. 10.Chromatic Movement

  11. 11.Shed Session

  12. 12.Devotional Song Patters

  13. 13.Neo-Soul on Organ

  14. 14.Chinese Run

  15. 15.Perfect 4ths

7-Total Hours of Instruction