Organ Mechanics :: Learn Your Craft!

Many musicians do not realize this, but part of learning your craft is not just learning chords and practicing scales. Part of perfecting your craft is knowing your instrument and knowing the mechanics of your instrument, specifically speaking, the Hammond B3 Organ. In this section we spend a lot of time talking about the following:

  1. 1.Introducing the Hammond B3 -- Learning different models and how to actually distinguish between the different models

  2. 2.Leslies -- The Hammond Organ is nothing without the leslie or the sound source from which it projects that amazing sound. We will delve deeply into the mechanics of the Leslie switch and even delve into some awesome customizations

  3. 3.Turn the Organ On -- For years many musicians have been turning on the organ incorrectly. Our expert shows us specifically how to properly turn on a Hammond organ and actually what happens internally when an organ warms up.

  4. 4.Presets -- Many of us simply focus on just the Bb and B keys of the organ to set our drawbar settings, but what many don’t know is that the other keys are just as valuable. Did you know that you had the ability to actually set your own custom presets on the organ. It is kinda like a patch or sound bank on a keyboard. Many musicians don’t take the time to do this, but as you can imagine, this would save a lot of time as you can have all of your custom drawbar settings at your immediate disposal.

  5. 5.Internal Components -- Now it’s time to open up and see the guts of the organ. Why is this important? Well, all this time you play an instrument that you know nothing about. If for no other reason, it will give you a greater respect for the organ and help to, possible, determine any malfunctions that may be going on.

  6. 6.Maintenance -- Let’s face it, budgets are getting tighter and in this tough economy it is very difficult to keep calling a repairman to come and fix the organ. The church relies on that sound. We spend a lot of time going over the most important aspects of organ maintenance. Remember, maintenance is the prevention for fixing. Did you know the organ has to be oiled every year with a certain type of oil. We will show you where. How many times has your Bb bass pedal note been stuck? We teach you how to fix that as well.

More Bass Please!

How many times have you wished and prayed for more bass. Let’s face it, the bass on the organ is amazing. Playing that low C and shaking the whole entire church as you set the atmosphere for praise and worship is one of the best feelings.  Did you know you could “trick” out your organ to add more bass and lows? Our expert Jim talks about some of those modifications such as a separate bass channel, MIDI implementations, and custom switches to even enhance your playing even further.


Do it Yourself!

It’s time to save some money and learn how to do things yourself. We secretly addressed the top three issues that usually affects an organ. This one DVD, could possibly save you hundreds of dollars in the techniques  we are teaching you. Not only do we show you how to properly maintain the organ, but how to repair certain aspects. We actually go inside the organ and pull how the guts to show you. yes the organ is an amazingly built work of art, but our expert Jim Huss of Keyboard Exchange shows you how easy it is to, not only recognize the parts, but know their function. Remember we spent the first half an hour describing all of the major components of the organ and their purpose.